Zoelux offers bioluminescent dinoflagellate plankton cultures of the genus Pyrocystis

The light emitted by bioluminescence is the result of biochemical reactions involving an enzyme, luciferase and a substrate, luciferin.

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Bioluminescent decorative globe Contains a cell culture of biolumunescent plankton of the genus Pyrocystis. Integrated culture medium.

Enjoy bioluminescence for 3 months without maintenance.

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Bioluminescent plankton : Pyrocystis
Pyrocystis is a kind of dinoflagellate planktonic organism that lives in the planet's temperate and warm seas.
These species are found naturally in the Sea of Japan, in the Pacific and in the Atlantic from the surface to a few metres deep.
These species, which range in size from 0.2 to 1 mm in size, are able to produce light by bioluminescence by reacting to the mechanical agitation of the water.

Pyrocystis noctiluca
is a large bioluminescent dinoflagellate with globose cell morphology.
The spherical cells of P. noctiluca have a diameter in excess of 0.2 mm.


Pyrocystis fusiformis
is a large bioluminescent dinoflagellate with fusiform cell morphology.
During the night, cells produce potent blue light when shaken or disturbed.

pyrocystis_500   pyrocystis fusiformis

Available in two volumes
Zoerlen 200 : 200ml Pyrocystis culture / Unit price: 69 Euros
Zoeflask 60 : 60 ml Pyrocystis culture / Unit price: 39 Euros

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