About us

A laboratory:
Zoelux is a laboratory specialising in the culture of unicellular planktonic marine organisms.
Located in France, by the sea, we work with natural filtered and sterilized seawater enriched with minerals and trace elements.
Our vocation is to raise awareness among all audiences of the importance of biodiversity conservation.
The promotion of spectacular living creatures such as bioluminescent species is therefore a powerful tool for environmental awareness and education.

A responsive team:

Expertise :
The founder of Zoelux, an oceanographic engineer, brings his expertise in strain management and for the scientific support of your projects.
Technique :
The microbiological technician trained in the pharmaceutical field, ensures the maintenance of Pyrocystis strains and the preparation of orders.
The educational advisor (biology teacher) supports you in your educational, scientific or artistic projects by offering workshops and experiments related to school curricula.

Available, we will answer your questions in order to make your project realistic in relation to the constraints of life and feasible.
Students, teachers, researchers, artists, designers or architects, contact us to share your projects with us!