Growth media extend the lifespan or increase the volume of an existing algal culture.
Periodic dilution of actively growing algal cultures with new growth medium can sustain the culture indefinitely.

Zoekit 6 M Erlenmeyer Flasks Culture flask Growth media
zoekit 6M
flasque milieu de culture
This kit allow you to conserve your strain of Pyrocystis during 6 month.
in your kit :
- 2 erlens with 200 ml culture medium.
- Your manual to laern how to cultivate Pyrocystis noctiluca.

Price : 79 Euros*

Sterile Erlenmeyer flask.
Vented closure
(hydrophobic 0.2 µm membrane)

Price : 20 Euros*

Sterile culture flask.
Vented closure

Price : 10 Euros*

200 ml sterile growth media

Price : 29 Euros*

*Shipping fees not include